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Courtesy Photo Flickr: Asian Strippers Pole Dancing

Perhaps it’s their big, almond brown eyes and pin-straight black hair that make Chicago Asian Strippers the most requested exotic dancers at strip clubs.

There is just something about Asian dancers that drive men wild“, claims Mike Castle who hired to Asian dancers for his best friends bachelor party.  

We tested this theory last by conducting an informal poll over drinks at Cro Bar last week.  By a 2 to 1 ratio, Men would choose Asian strippers for their adult entertainment needs over everyone else.

We also wanted to know what Asian dancers thought about this trend so we asked a dancer from Pole Katz. ” It’s difficult to find modeling agencies in Chicago just for Asian women, so I figured why not try my luck stripping at clubs”, “Guys are always asking for Asian dancers where I work, so it’s kind of good thing,” says the 24-year old dancer.

It’s pretty easy to hire or see Asian Strippers these days in Chicago. Most strip clubs & adult entertainment companies have several girls available.

So, are you looking for the best bars to meet good looking, unbelievably hot women in Chicago?  Since location is everything, it’s a good idea to stick to Chicago pubs and nightclubs that always have a multi-cultural selection of Asian, Black, Hispanic and of course white girls.

1. Scores Chicago

By far, Scores Chicago has some of the finest strippers and friendly women in town. Yes, it’s a strip club, but you will go way knowing you talked and had fun with a variety of interesting ladies. Scores is located by O’Hare airport, near Melrose Park.

2. Crobar NightClub Downtown Chicago

Cr0bar may have been around for a few years, but it’s still one of the all around best choices to see girls from all parts of the city. Saturday nights can be crazy busy, with nearly 400 people packing in to let loose on the dance floor. Grab a seat at the upper leve bar to get the best people watching vantage points.

3. Tavern on Rush-Downtown Chicago

If kicking back at the bar and conversing with upscale-classy women is your style, Tavern on Rush Downtown Chicago is one of my strongest recommendations. This is one of my favorite places to go out with friends and meet women because Tavern on Rush is a fusion between bar and lounge. It’s really a great place to chill and take in the sites and catch a buzz.

Obviously, I could have included many more bars, lounges and nightclubs that are frequented by stunning girls.  If you’re new to the city, and want to party with some fine college girls, head on over to Lincoln Park. From Blues Bar on Halsted, to Kingston Mines, I’m pretty sure you will easily find a favorite place of your own to meet hot women in Chicago.