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Chicago Strip Clubs Hiring Girls

According to managers at several top Chicago Strip Clubs, there has been a strong increase in the amount of inquiries about hiring girls for strippers, dancers, bartenders, waitresses and hostesses .

Chicago Strip Clubs Hiring GirlsAngel was working as an office assistant and making an average salary before she started working as an exotic dancer. ” I could barely pay my bills before and was running out of options, ” states 26-year old newcomer to dancing.  With unemployment at nearly 10 percent in Chicago, many college aged girls and professional women are turning looking to find part-time work dancing at bars and clubs.
How much money do girls make dancing?
Depending on the popularity of the club and the time of year, strippers can earn anywhere between $300 and several thousand dollars a night dancing. Some girls do report that on slow nights, they end up owing the bar money. ” It’s really just a matter of luck, and who walks through the door,” claims Chicago exotic dancer.
Call around to one of the many Chicago strip clubs and ask if their hiring girls for different positions.

Been searching for specials and prices to rent a limo in Chicago for a bachelor party? Take some time to think about what type of party ride fits into your plans because limousines today literally come in all shapes and sizes.

Over the past two years, a few of my friends that own limousine companies have designed cars that are nothing less than astonishing! A pal of mine over at Exotic Coach Chicago came out with a new concept: The Limo Jet.

Taking nearly two years to build, this would be a limo I’d want for a wedding, or just a night out on the town!

If you’re party plans do not include decadence, then there are other Chicago limo services that provide reasonable costs on transportation the group.


Finding Prices you Can Afford

When you’re researching the prices of Chicago limo companies, keep in mind that prices spike upward for a limo stocked with alcoholic drinks such as beer, wine and champagne. Some businesses may include a complimentary bottle or allow you to B.Y.O.B.

Another option readily available in Chicago is renting a party bus or van that will roll your crew to downtown bars and nightclubs. Most limo drivers in this town have a nice deal worked out with the clubs and can get you free cover or some sort of discount on drinks.

Our friends over at www.911van.com offer cheap prices for limo vans at only $329.00 for six hours. It’s a very good idea to reserve your wheels well in advance because during busy season, everyone and their mother books a limo.

Not a fancy limo but is perfect for those on a budget at around $300.00 for the night. Courtesy of 911Van.Com

Some of the best deals around for renting a limo in Chicago for a bachelor party are available from strip clubs.  Now standard in Vegas, numerous Chicago strip clubs have their own party bus, or have special arrangements worked out with city and suburban limousine services.

No matter if you want a traditional stretch, or long Hummer, there are more than enough places to find good prices for renting a limo in Chicago for even the most crazy ass bachelor party plans.

Over the past few months, Factory Chicago  strip club has been facing controversy and political heat from area residence on the city’s far south side. Local alderman, as well as area residence complain about the fully nude strip club opening it’s doors at 12050 South Doty Avenue because they have the stero-typical notion that an adult club in the neighborhood could possibly influence young people. Give me a break!

From CLTV.Com: Factory Chicago Strip Club Controversy

This is a classic case of  media and political forces getting all worked up about a belief that simply isn’t true! If you believe The Factory Chicago Strip Club is going to somehow inspire teen-agers to want to grow up to be strippers, than you might as well require everyone in the ninth ward to stop watching TV. On any given night we can watch some reality show that features half nude exotic dancers froliking around the screen.  Has anyone out there on the South Side been to Las Vegas latey? Virtually every top-class resort hotel now features some sort of partial or nearly nude review show.

First of all, the building is not near busy shopping areas and schools. Secondly, the assumption is that you don’t want your kids to grow up to be strippers because somehow that’s the worst job in the world. Not sure if they know this out near the 9th ward, but girls who work at strip clubs are not there having sex! Furthermore, you can pretty much walk into any traditional Chicago nightclub and see girls wearing less than what you would see at a gentlemen’s club.  Let’s be clear: there is not adult club in Chicago that exposes the inside of their buildings to the general public. It’s not like were in Amsterdam or anything. I’ve met the owner of Factory Chicago on serveral occassions in the past while working at another bar and he has always been a stand-up, good guy. I think the last thing he wants to do is start trouble for those living near the Roseland community.

We are in one of the worst finanical situations since the mid 1980s, and unemployment is hovering at aroun 11 percent in Chicago. It would be a better idea to welcome The Factory Strip Club to your area for financial reasons alone.  The consumers will be eating at your restaurants, spending money at gas stations and maybe encourage others to drive to your community. I wonder if they would object to a casino in the area too?

I would hope that my friends to the south would allow The Factory Strip Club in Chicago an opportunity to prove they can be a valuable asset to the area without all the needless controversy that usually occures when a strip club opens in a new area.