chicago strippers 

If you’re like most exotic dancers, most of your money is going to come from doing lap dances, or what’s most commonly referred to as a private dance. Over many a drunken nights, I’ve learned a lot of tips from other Chicago strippers on how to have the most fun while performing a lap dance.

Most Chicago bachelor party goers want strippers that have good lap dance prices, as well as memorable entertainment. Since most strip clubs predetermine the costs for lap dances, your best bet is to spend a just a little time getting to know a little bit about the guy at your table, before inviting him into the private area to dance. I’ve always had bad luck whenever I try to rush the guy into buying a dance because I come across more as a machine, rather than an actual person. Another tip I’ve learned is to never talk about another stripper, or about the club. All this does is project a negative, bitchy attitude to the guys and turn them off. Another lap dance tip is to not get nude or totally topless right away. I end up getting better tips by spicing things up with an exotic, sexy dance, and then removing my clothing. Oh almost forgot, dancing for couples is a great way to make extra cash at the club.  A lot of strippers don’t like to do lap dances for couples, but if you make friends with the girl first, you will avoid a lot of problems. There are tons of married couples and girlfriends out there that are more than willing to buy dances for their men. Hope the tips from all of the Chicago strippers I’ve worked with throughout the years help you enjoy giving a lap dance.  If you have some good info to share, please comment.