The biggest myth out there for women who are considering exotic dancing seems to be that girls must have a huge chest by having surgery and getting a boob job. Big boobs certainly are appealing to some men, but you might be pleasantly surprised to know there is an overwhelming about of girls out there who earn a lot of money with their own natural breasts and don’t get implants.

In my experience, there have been very few times when a guy will walk into the room and ask to hire  only strippers with big tits for private lap dances.  Believe it or not, most men do have more tact than that.  EFD4JGFYPHZT .

This isn’t to say that there not picky men out there who really do prefer girls with big boobs. More often than not, requests for girls with large breasts come from those booking shows with a private agency for a bachelor party or special event.

At strip clubs, strippers have the advantage of performing for a different group of guys each night, as well as showing off their wits, charm, personality and natural boobs.

I’ve had the pleasure of knowing many exotic dancers who earned a very good living for several years making an investment in cosmetic breast enhancements. A boob job from a good plastic surgeon costs anywhere between three (cheap) and seven thousand dollars so take that into consideration before having the procedure done.

Hollywood movies and reality shows have contributed to the perfect body, small-waist and big ass phenomenon, but it’s a unfortuate myth that female strippers need a boob job to be successful.