Hooters Girls vs StrippersI was out having lunch at Water Tower place the other day when a heated argument ensued over the difference between Hooters girls and strippers. Of course, this conversation had to take place over buffalo wings and way too many beers.

I’ve had the good fortune of working with many exotic dancers who were either part-time Hooters waitresses, or former employees . There are plenty of girls out there who get jobs waitressing at Hooters that have no intention of ever working in a club dancing. On the other hand,  I’ve worked in enough strip clubs to know that some of the most successful and best looking strippers once worked as a Hooters waitress.

Although Hooters hostesses and waitresses perform their job in sexy tight shorts, it’s a far stretch to lump them in the same category as strippers. A Hooters girl is probably not likely to give a private lap-dance, or strip at your next bachelor party. As you might have guessed, the inebriated group I was with totally disagreed.

Why do so many Hooters Waitresses turn to stripping?

Imagine working at a restaurant all day with scores of men asking you out on dates, slipping phone numbers and encouraging you to dance to make more cash. Day in and day out-you hear the same shit.  A few bad days serving burgers and you might think, ” I wonder how much I could make stripping?”  In all honesty, it’s the perfect transition.

For many girls, trying their luck at a Gentlemen’s club seems pretty logical. I once saw five girls start go-go dancing at a Chicago nightclub, and all of them quit within a week. They come to find out that stripping is a lot harder than it seems.

Dancing at an adult club is in a completely different universe than waitressing at Hooters. Mainly the biggest difference is the social stigma that is associated with dancing and stripping for money. Secondly, dancers are independent contractors and are at the mercy of what’s given in tips. Thirdly, strippers have to pay the club to work, and Hooters waitresses punch a clock.

While there may be many similarities between Hooters girls and your favorite neighborhood strippers, they are totally different.

By, Chicago Strippers Forum Writer, GS